nos caemos por las escaleras para comer la tierra húmeda

o subimos al filo de la nieve con el coro de las dalias muertas.

pero no hay olvido, ni sueño;

carne viva. los besos atan las bocas

en una maraña de venas recientes

y al que le duele su dolor le dolerá sin descanso

y el que teme la muerte la llevará sobre sus hombros.


playlist 4 pedro (II)


queens of the stone age - you think i ain’t worth a dollar, but i feel like a millionaire

queens of the stone age - no one knows

system of a down - fuck the system

mastodon - blood and thunder

rage against the machine - guerrilla radio

cerebral ballzy - on the run

the smashing pumpkins - jellybelly

the offspring - come out and play (keep em separated)

misconduct - iron lion zion

system of a down - sugar

rob zombie - dragula

system of a down - pictures

off! - all i can grab

strung out - analog

system of a down - ddevil

moon duo - run around

fuzz - preacher

queens of the stone age - first it giveth

off! - death trip on the party train

municipal waste - media skeptic

sepultura - conform

queens of the stone age - gonna leave you

off! - time’s not on your side

system of a down - thetawaves

the offspring - killboy powerhead

roadrunner united - i don’t wanna be (a superhero)

millionaire - deep fish

andrew w.k. - head bang


playlist 4 pedro


sleigh bells - true shred guitar

vitalic - my friend dario

the bloody beetroots - raw

the bloody beetroots - reactivated

the prodigy - smack my bitch up (major lazer remix)

south central - beathoven

kid cudi - pursuit of happiness (steve aoki remix)

the partysquad - lighterman

liar - alpha

vitalic - la rock 01

major lazer - sweat

the partysquad - lion

hot chip - look at where we are (major lazer remix)

south central - argmageddon

birdy nam nam - the plan (jackson remix)

the bloody beetroots - the source (chaos & confusion)

south central - jaw drop

liar - vesper

the bloody beetroots - warp 7.7


- “How much would I love to speak my mind on this campaign? Can you imagine if I did that? MIssissippi is chock-full of assholes. I don’t trust the Chinese. I gotta tell you something… I’m not gonna be able to pass a single piece of legislation that’s really gonna make any fuck of a difference in your life. So how’s that for my platform?”

- “Got my vote.”

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this is the moment when you see who you are!



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La cautividad no es ajena a las libertades. La cautividad te conoce. Estás cautivo. Mírate.

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